Embrace Wild Camping in Norfolk

Embrace Wild Camping in Norfolk

April 30, 2024

This year at Muntjac Meadow we’re taking summer camping to another level. We'll be embracing the natural beauty of wild camping in Norfolk with nature’s summer meadow featuring long grasses, wildflowers, and defined pitches for our guests. A wild camping experience with a few extra luxuries open this summer.

Summer might be starting with a little more rain than we would like, but we are not deterred. Muntjac Meadow is open for the first time, from May through to September. With a few date stipulations. May through to the end of July will be weekends only. The meadow will be open all August, weekdays and weekends… and back to weekends only in September. This means we're pleased to say the meadow is now open for tent and campervan bookings!

Wild Camping at Muntjac Meadow

The ride-on mower has been out and we’ve been working our way across the meadow with the help of our drone to ensure we make the most of the natural beauty for our guests. The meadow grasses won't take long to flourish.

Camping in nature as a whole offers a multitude of benefits both physically and mentally for all ages. The meadow is a wild camping experience that does just that.

Firstly, Muntjac Meadow provides an opportunity to spend time on holiday disconnected from technology. Just imagine, finally having a conversation. No distraction with social media feeds, emails, and online gaming!

Spending time outdoors is renowned as a great way to help recharge, rejuvenate, and reduce stress levels. Embracing the joys of the outside and Norfolk air will definitely help improve mental health and boosting your mood. 

Furthermore, camping in nature encourages physical activity. Whether it's walking through scenic trails and public footpaths. Wandering through woodland and building dens with the kids. Or having a family game of cricket, there’s plenty to entertain with a little imagination and exploration both at the site and in the surrounding Norfolk countryside, the coast and the Norfolk Broads.

Outdoor activities not only promote health but also help gain a greater appreciation for the environment. It’s an opportunity to look at the world in a new way and potentially teach children the importance of conservation and the appreciation of what’s on our doorstep. Muntjac Meadow is particularly well cared for and guests are kindly asked to help us maintain this natural beauty by leaving the site as found on arrival.

Due to the meadow’s location, it is just as beautiful at night as it is by day. With no light pollution, you’ll be able to gaze at the Norfolk star-filled skies while enjoying the warmth of a campfire. There are many apps available for free to download which track the constellations.

Camping Facilities at the Meadow

At the meadow we’ve mixed the wild side of camping with a few little luxuries. You will find a very clean and well-maintained shower and WC block at the entrance to the meadow. The amenities block also features access to drinking water and undercover washing-up facilities. 

To maintain our well-kept camping venue, you’ll also find waste disposal bins for general waste and recycling. 

Muntjac Meadow is completely dog-friendly, although we do require dogs to be kept on lead to ensure no wandering into other tents and so owners are aware of where their dog chooses to do its business. Dog poo bins are provided onsite. We do, however, have an enclosed exercise area where dogs can be off-lead to play, sniff, and explore under the supervision of their owners.

A wild camping must-have is a campfire. Campfires are permitted at the meadow except for very dry seasons when we’ll make guests aware of regulation changes. However, campfires must be raised off the ground. If you don’t have a firepit with you, these are available on-site for guest use. If you plan to have a campfire, ensure you follow the designated fire safety guidelines. Clear the area around the fire, keep it attended at all times, and fully extinguish it before leaving.

As the name suggests, we share the meadow and the surrounding area with some gorgeous four-legged creatures. Muntjac and red deer can be found in the surrounding woodland as well as crossing and grazing in the meadow around dusk and dawn. If you’re hoping to see the deer, take a look at the National Trust’s guide to deer spotting for tips. 

The meadow is separate from the main Deer’s Glade holiday park, but with only a short 5-minute stroll you’ll find yourself at the main park with Reception and our small onsite shop. Take a look at what else you’ll find at Deer’s Glade.

Book Your Muntjac Meadow Stay

As well as welcoming camping guests, our license also permits campervans to have access to the site. Unfortunately we can not accept bookings for caravans and motorhomes at Muntjac Meadow.

So what’s stopping you? Pack your camping gear, leave behind everyday life, and enjoy an unforgettable stay in nature with family and friends. We look forward, as always, to welcoming you. Book online today or call us on

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